My city

My city NYC aka The City That Never Sleep, is one of the most popular cities that is visited by most people. Living in NYC all my life I still have not explored everything it has to offer. As NYC continue to expand with new buildings, site seeing events, etc. It’s becoming a little harder to explore and see everything. There is plenty to do in NYC from the different restaurants, plays, landmarks, you will never be bored. Within NYC you also have the option to explore the outer parts of it to. From Brooklyn, Bronx, Harlem and that’s just to name a few places. These places are just a train ride away minutes outside the city. Also, you can also fine so many activities to do and wonderful places to eat. Besides them becoming popular tourism areas, people are also finding reasonable hotels to stay at. Lastly, I recommend you take a day just for relaxation. NYC also has the best spas where you are treated like royal. So, on your next trip to NYC here are somethings that should go on your to do list:

  • Go to Central Park
  • Visit Empire State Building
  • One World Trade Center
  • Rockerfeller Center.
  • Broadway shows. I recommend the Lion King one of my favorite shows.

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