It’s All About The Face

As a new company me and partner are always looking for ways to grow our company, and new ways to keep it fresh. So we decied to shine a light on self-care and bring some awareness to our customers. As we sat and brained stormed we came up with self-care boxes. I know I know everyone is doing self-care boxes however, we put a little twisted on our. We will be creating boxes every other month focusing on self-care however, each month the boxes will be different. For example, for January we focused on the face, so marjorie of the items in the box is for your face. But here’s goes another twisted we only made 10 boxes. So if you miss out on this month’s box it will be your lost because we will not be repeating boxes. But best to sure that whatever is in our boxes it will definitely help you get in relax mode. As you finish up reading this post make it your business to explore our products, and get you January’s box ” It’s All About The Face” before they are all done.

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