She Room

A she room is just a man version of a man cave, and I believe both parties are entitle to have their own space. Traditionally an outdoor shed converted for use as a spot for entertainment, rest, and relaxation, a she shed can be any structure (or even a room inside the house) a woman reserves for her own use. if you have a yard you can invest in a shed and create your oue she room. Decorate it with antique furniture to make your she shed feel like a cozy vintage cottage! Look for antique buffet tables and medicine cabinets for extra storage space. Find rustic crates and trays for shabby chic decor. Or hunt down a vintage loveseat or armchair for comfy seating that can also be a conversation starter. However, if you don’t want to be outside your can also turn a guest room into your own get away. You can keep your shed bedroom conversion project simple and just make it a cozy place for sleeping. Install floating shelves to save on floor space, a soft rug and a queen size bed with comfortable bedding. By having a she room it can be a space just for you and no one else, a place where visitors are not welcome (kids, husbands, friends). A she room can be a time and space where you can make it a self-care moment. So when you’re creating your she room make sure you create it to your liking, and a place where your can let your hair down because it is a NO JUDEGMENT zone.

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